Preschool Hours, and Arrival and Departure Procedures

Blyton Dahl International Preschool is open Monday to Friday for Half Day and Full Day Programmes.

Half Day Programme: 8.30am – 12.00am

Full Day Programme:  8.30am – 3pm

All parents, guardians, or other adults bringing and/or picking up a child from Blyton Dahl International Preschool should follow the procedures listed below to insure the safety of the children at school:

  • All parents bringing their children to school must sign them at reception between 8:10am and 8:25 am.
  • Park in the designated parking areas as indicated by School Security, and turn off your car prior to entering the school.
  • Do not leave other children unattended in the car.
  • Escort your child to the school reception and make contact with your child’s teacher. Children must never be allowed to enter/leave the school unattended. Also, when picking up your child you should make contact with your child’s teacher.
  • You must sign the daily attendance sheet with your name and time at the time of arrival and departure.
  • If you have a child with you that is not enrolled at Blyton Dahl International Preschool, you must keep that child with you and under your immediate supervision at all times.
  • Please be alert and cautious in the parking areas. Supervise your child closely. Children should never be left alone in those areas or anywhere close to the road.
  • These procedures were developed for the safety of your child, and all of the children at Blyton Dahl International Preschool. Please follow these procedures carefully and make sure that any adult authorised to pick up your child is also aware of them.

Should you wish to send your child to school by School Bus, please inform the School Reception. School Bus services are subject to availability.

Pickup Authorisation

Your child will only be released to authorised individuals. Initial authorisation is given on our Registration Form. In order to authorise additional individuals, you must submit their names and your authorisation in writing. Anyone not recognisable to a staff member will be asked to show photo identification. Please advise all authorised individuals to have this identification ready if it’s requested. All persons authorised to pick up your child must be at least sixteen years old.


Please inform us when your child will not be present or will be arriving late. Our number is 01-579-006 or 009-78-6-72-555. Preschoolers are expected to arrive by 8:25am at the latest. If absent without notification, the school will have to call to confirm absence.


Blyton Dahl International Preschool will occasionally participate in field trip activities that compliment and enrich our units of study. On trips, children will be transported by Blyton Dahl International Preschool /Royal British International School school buses. A permission slip will have to be signed by the parent/guardian before a student will be allowed to participate.

Behaviour Management

One of our goals at Blyton Dahl International Preschool is to provide children with a secure environment where they can work and play together in a friendly, cooperative way. Developmentally, younger children are very self-centred. Strong socialisation skills are something that develops over a long period of time. To help guide the children through this process, our teachers and administration will establish a behaviour management system that reinforces positive behaviour and provides the children with ongoing opportunities to develop solid self-discipline skills, while maintaining a safe classroom situation.

In most instances, we can effectively manage inappropriate behaviour through redirection and rewarding of “good” behaviour with praise and special recognition. We do have certain rules that children must follow for the health and safety of the entire group. When a child does not follow the rules in a way that is physically aggressive towards another individual the following will occur:

First Offence – Teacher has a conference with the student

Second Offence – Teacher contacts the parent

Third Offence – Teacher arranges conference with the parent and the student

Fourth Offence – Teacher refers the student to administration for disciplinary action

Fifth Offence – Violations deemed severe by the teacher may be referred directly to administration.

The administration will arrange conferences with the parent, teacher and student.

The teachers and administration will establish limits that are understandable, fair, and developmentally appropriate, and consistently applied. Both the group as a whole, and the child as an individual, will be considered when determining how to handle a situation. Classroom rules will be explained to the children.

Acceptable/Unacceptable Behaviour for Punishment

In order to promote the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being and growth, staff shall interact with the child and one another to provide needed help, comfort, support and:

  1. Respect personal privacy;
  2. Respect differences in cultural, ethnic, and family backgrounds;
  3. Encourage decision-making abilities;
  4. Promote ways of getting along;
  5. Encourage independence and self-direction; and
  6. Use consistency in applying expectations.

Behavioural guidance shall be constructive in nature, age and stage appropriate, and shall be intended to redirect children to appropriate behaviour and resolve conflicts.

Meals & Snacks


Children have break-time in the morning. Please ensure that your child has a healthy snack packed for break-time. Try to avoid sugary or processed foods. Fresh fruit makes an excellent choice for a healthier alternative to potato chips or candy.


Our school caterer provides healthy and nutritious lunchtime meals. Please ask at the school Reception for more details and menus. You may also provide your own packed lunch. Again, please try to include healthy choices for your child, with fruit, vegetables, and whole foods being preferable to processed foods or foods high in sugar and/or fat.


Please ensure that your child is supplied with adequate water and/or milk. Drinking water is also available at the school. Please make sure that all bottles, lunch boxes etc. are CLEARLY LABELLED with the child’s name.


  • Glass water bottles
  • Soda drinks such as Coca Cola, Sprite etc.
  • Canned foods which require a can opener
  • Durian or other extremely strong smelling foods

General Information

Please bring a complete set of clothing, excluding shoes, for us to keep in the classroom in case your child needs to change. All items should be preferably be labeled with your child’s name. Clothes should be brought in a basket or bag bag, and be labeled with your child’s name as well. Younger children will be potty trained at Blyton Dahl International Preschool. Please include nappies, powder, wet wipes, and nappy rash cream in your child’s basket/bag.

For the nap mat, please bring a sheet and a blanket, labeled with your child’s name, at the beginning of each week. These should be laundered over the weekend and returned at the beginning of the following week. Blankets, stuffed animals, etc., that have security value to your child may be included in the child basket/bag for use at nap time.

Special instructions concerning your child must be in writing, dated, and signed by the parent/guardian. Please do not rely on your child to accurately relay a message to us.

Please inform us immediately if there is any change in your address, place of employment, and/or important phone numbers.

An evaluation of your child’s performance and development will be provided 3 times per academic year, at the end of each term. There are no formal tests or examinations. The school will hold parent/teacher evenings. Please see the academic calendar for more details.

Sickness and Infection Control

The following guidelines and policies have been developed in an effort to help keep the children and staff at Blyton Dahl International Preschool healthy. If you child shows any of the symptoms below, you will be called and asked to come and collect your child. We expect parents to respond promptly in order to protect the other children.

  • Fever of 100° or higher
  • Severe coughing
  • Recurring vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Pink eye (tears, redness of eyelid lining, followed by swelling and discharge of pus)
  • Unusual spot or rashes
  • Headache and stiff neck
  • Sore throat
  • Any parasitic infection (lice, scabies, etc.)

If a child has any of the above symptoms at home, we ask that you keep him/her out of preschool until the following conditions have been met:

  • Absence of fever for 24 hours
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting has subsided for 24 hours
  • Antibiotics for 24 hours for bacterial infections
  • Physician has approved readmission
  • Lice are under treatment, and NO LICE are present on hair
  • Pink eye had diminished and been treated to the point that the eyes are no longer discharging
  • The child has completed the contagious stage

It is important that we all work together to keep all of the children and staff at Blyton Dahl International Preschool  as healthy and safe as possible. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


A Blyton Dahl International Preschool staff member will notify a parent/guardian immediately if a child has an accident at school.

The parent/guardian will be asked to escort the child to see a physician when the injury warrants professional medical attention in the administration’s opinion. If parents/guardians or designated emergency contact individuals cannot be located, Blyton Dahl International Preschool staff will summon medical aid or take the child to a doctor.

Medical Administration

Any and all medication shall be administered in the office by Blyton Dahl International Preschool personnel. No one other than school personnel will be allowed to dispense any medicine. All medication shall have the child’s name on it, along with a “use by” date. All medication shall be in its original container, and the medication shall be locked in the office. Should a child have an adverse reaction to any medication, their parent will be notified immediately.

Termination Policy

If you wish to withdraw your child from study at Blyton Dahl International Preschool, please inform the school at your earliest convenience. You will be required to complete a withdrawal form and any refund will be given in line with the framework detailed on the registration form completed at the time of enrolment. If invoices are overdue or remain unpaid and no effort is made to correct this, the administration reserves the right to terminate services.

Line of Authority

In the event of any concern or questions you may have about your child, please follow the following Line of Authority:

  1. Class Teacher
  2. Senior Teacher
  3. School Principal/Academic Director

Your concerns will always be addressed and investigated fully at the appropriate level.